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Pacifica Co-Op Nursery School – Preschool Director

Jun 05, 2024    |   ECE Job Board

Organization Name:

Pacifica Co-Op Nursery School
Website: thepacificacoop.org

Job Title:

Preschool Director

About The Pacifica Co-Op Nursery School:

At the Pacifica Co-op Nursery School, a non-profit preschool serving the community since 1960, we offer an age appropriate, hands-on program which focuses on and meets the individual needs of the whole child and enhances their cognitive, physical, and social-emotional development through play and discovery of the whole world around them. We believe that together, as parents, caregivers and staff, we can enhance the growth, development and self-esteem of each child, all while promoting a deeper understanding and respect of each child’s unique qualities. Our main goal is to create a loving, nurturing, supportive environment for our students and families to learn, grow, and empower one another.

The Ideal Candidate:

The ideal candidate will have a degree in child development, 3+ years of experience in early education (preferably in a play-based model), and experience working collaboratively with other teachers/families in a learning situation. In addition to experience, the proper skills, attitude, leadership ability, energy, and drive to carry out the mission and vision of the school are extremely important. We seek a talented leader and a member of our community who can embrace the co-op model and work within our community to create an inspiring, nurturing, and safe environment.

The position requires a solid understanding of early childhood development and an ability to transfer that knowledge to staff and families through mentoring and education. The candidate should have classroom experience (ideally in a play-based or cooperative model environment), an innate desire to play, a love of the outdoors, and the ability to educate and communicate with a diverse group of children and adults. In addition to regular director responsibilities, the selected candidate will also be responsible for teaching and administrative duties.

We are looking for a new director to start in August 2024, under the mentorship of our outgoing director.

Job Summary:

The Director’s primary responsibility is to facilitate the development, teaching and learning of the children and their parents/caregivers. The Director will oversee the curriculum, teaching staff and class volunteers as well as maintain student, parent/caregivers, and community relationships in a cooperative, developmental preschool environment. The Director will provide professional assistance to the Board of Directors.

Reports to:

The Preschool Director reports to the Pacifica Co-op Nursery School’s Board of Directors.

Duties and Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to the following:

Teaching, Curriculum Planning and Implementation:

  • Teach in the classroom each day.
  • Organize/oversee classroom activities, arts and crafts, circle time, snack and lunch time, outside and inside open play.
  • Plans, supervises, and implements the program for the children in accordance with the policies and philosophy of the Pacifica Co-op Nursery School, and in conjunction with California State Licensing laws and regulations.
  • Responsible for the development and implementation of curriculum. Meets with the Teachers regularly for curriculum planning.
  • Provides for the individual needs and interests of the children in relation to their diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, within the parameters of the program.
  • Coordinates the assessment of each child’s needs and development.
  • When temporarily away from the center, the Director will have the authority to delegate responsibility to a qualified substitute and will have a written teaching plan available for the substitute.
  • Develops and maintains an annual school calendar consisting of weekly curriculum topics, events, and field trips.


General, Administrative & Site Management Responsibilities:

  • Works as a member of the Pacifica Co-op Nursery School by promoting the mission and philosophy of the school, and by acting as a representative.
  • Abides by the bylaws of the Pacifica Cop-op Nursery School.
  • Provides a pleasant, safe, clean, supportive, and appropriate learning environment for the children.
  • Works with the members of the Board to plan and direct the school’s operations.
  • Assists the Board with recruitment and hiring of Teachers.
  • Required attendance for monthly Board meetings, communication/caregiver education meetings (3 – 4 yearly), Mandatory Meetings (4 yearly). The Board may request the Director to attend additional Board meetings as necessary.
  • Attends and participates in necessary committee meetings.
  • Prepares written reports as necessary (i.e. incident reports.)
  • Works to ensure parent jobs are filled and completed.
  • Works with the designated school newsletter writer on a monthly basis.
  • Will be responsible for reporting the school’s compliance with all licensing requirements and communications with the licensing agencies along with the 2nd VP of the Board. Shall have the authority to acknowledge any receipt of deficiency notices, and to correct any deficiencies that constitute immediate threats to children’s health and safety.
  • Is responsible to report any needed repairs or necessary replacements to the Board.
  • Supervises Teacher(s) and conducts their annual performance reviews.
  • Directly communicates with the Board of Directors regarding any parent who fails to fulfill their work commitment.
  • Leaves school in good order.
  • Works with the Board of Directors to maintain high enrollment.
  • Attends fundraising events and assists fundraising coordinators.
  • Participates in ongoing education to keep up to date on current research and best practices on child development, education, and parenting issues.
  • Maintains Egress policy, oversees Fire and Earthquake disaster drills, documents and ensures annual fire inspections and service of fire extinguishers; 2 Fire and Earthquake drills per semester on different days of the week.
  • Coordinates purchasing of classroom materials, office supplies, and items for curriculum development with the Board.
  • Coordinates purchasing of furniture or fixtures for inside and outside the school with the Board.
  • Oversees protocol plan for cleaning and disinfecting facility.


Parent Education:

  • Provides education on child development and related topics to parents/caregivers of Pacifica Co-op Nursery School children.
  • Facilitates the development of various parenting/caregiving skills by educating parents on teaching methods and assisting parents/caregivers with specific parenting/caregiving issues.
  • Conducts student assessments and then provides parent conferences twice per year.
  • Conducts new parent/caregiver orientation in conjunction with the Board in August.


  • A Bachelor’s Degree in child development, early childhood education, or related field (related coursework and experience may be considered).
  • Successful completion of at least 12 units in Early Childhood Education and 6 units of administrative college courses.
  • Has California Child Development Site Supervisor Permit or Child Development Program Director Permit (preferred) or willingness to obtain within 12 months may be considered. https://www.ctc.ca.gov/credentials/leaflets/child-development-permits-(cl-797)
  • 3-5 years of experience as a preschool or childcare teacher, preferably in a play-based model.
  • A strong background and understanding of social and emotional development in children ages 2.5-5.5 years old.
  • Experience leading, supervising, and mentoring adults.
  • Confidence and experience speaking with and teaching diverse groups of adults.
  • Demonstrates ability to connect with and inspire children from different backgrounds, abilities and developmental levels.
  • A firm understanding and belief in play-based education.
  • Proficient in Excel, Google Apps (Drive, Sheets, Docs, Calendar, etc.).
  • Annual First Aid/CPR certification.
  • Undergoes a health screening, shows proof of a negative TB Test, MMR vaccine, Influenza and TDap (Pertussis) vaccinations.
  • Child Abuse Mandated Reporter Training Certification required biannually.
  • Must undergo fingerprinting and background check, including DMV records.
  • Able to work indoors and outdoors in varying weather.
  • Able to walk, stand, squat, and sit on the floor throughout the day.
  • Able to lift up to 50 pounds (moving play equipment / picking up children).
  • Must exhibit strong interpersonal, organizational, and communication skills.
  • Must exhibit attention to detail and ability to adapt in a changing outdoor or public setting.
  • Must be enthusiastic with the students and have a positive attitude.
  • Must behave in a professional manner, with dependability and discretion.

Essential Functions and Physical Requirements:

  • Able to observe, see, hear, and respond to children’s needs; including but not limited to emergencies and conflicts that might occur in a classroom, on the playground, in bathrooms, and common areas.
  • Able to lift 40 pounds from the floor to a waist high table 10-15 times daily.
  • Able to reach a child 20-30 feet away within 30 seconds without danger to the staff person’s health.
  • Able to crouch to a child’s height and maintain eye contact at the child’s level. Need to be able to sit on the floor, and stand tall enough to reach and stabilize children on the highest pieces of equipment and guide or carry them down when necessary.
  • Able to determine cognitive, social, cultural, and physical needs of children. Have the ability to give clear written and verbal communications to parents/caregivers, volunteers, and other staff.
  • Able to handle the stress, tension, and exasperations that contact with many children and parents/caregivers bring every day.

Working Conditions:

The Director works full-time (approximately 35-40 hours per week) Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm with some flexibility. The Director will teach, oversee the teaching staff and caregiver classroom volunteers in an indoor and outdoor setting. The position requires some Saturdays and some evening hours for Board and Parent Meetings.


The salary is approximately $32 / hr for a 10 month academic period which closely follows the Pacifica School District academic calendar. This is an at will, non-exempt position. The Director is expected to work independently with support and oversight by the Executive Board. Performance evaluation will be provided annually.


Benefits include education and professional development reimbursements, medical stipend and opportunities for discounted tuition. Opportunity for summer school contract.



Estimated hours are 35-40 hours per week during the 10 month academic year. Teaching days, job duties, and benefits have some flexibility around the needs and strengths of the applicant.


How to Apply:

Please send the following application materials to info@thepacificacoop.org by June 20, 2024, and the position will remain open until the hiring process is completed. 

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • 2-4 professional references

Upon review, the top candidates will be interviewed by the PCNS Board of Directors, with a follow-up teaching interview as necessary. For any questions or inquiries, please contact: info@thepacificacoop.org.

Equal Opportunity:

PCNS is an Equal Opportunity Employer that celebrates and honors diversity, and seeks to employ individuals who represent the cultures, language groups and abilities of our surrounding communities, and does not discriminate on the basis of sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, race, color, physical or developmental ability or ethnic origin in the hiring of its personnel.

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