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Recreation Supervisor – Childcare

Oct 05, 2023    |   ECE Job Board

Organization Name:

City of Belmont/CalOpps

Job Title:

Recreation Supervisor – Childcare

Link to job posting & online application

The City of Belmont is recruiting for a Full-Time Recreation Supervisor who will manage and oversee the day-to-day operations and programming of the Belmont Community Learning Center and will be part of the City’s dynamic Parks & Recreation team. Are you looking for an exciting new opportunity to work every day in a well-established preschool? The Belmont Community Learning Center is a licensed childcare program that has been in operation since 1982, where children aged 2-5 learn and grow. The new Supervisor will be provided the opportunity to creatively update existing curriculum and services in a way that continues to meet the needs of Belmont’s youngest residents.

The ideal candidate will have strong written and verbal communication skills and will be able to work well with the parents and children.

The successful candidate will possess excellent interpersonal skills and will demonstrate knowledge of preschool programming best practices and have a customer service-oriented approach to the work, particularly including experience in and passion for serving the community.

Supervisor will be able to communicate effectively with staff and children. They will have the ability to maintain and prepare city, state, and federal records and reports. The ability to coordinate a developmentally appropriate preschool curriculum. Ability to communicate clearly in writing and speaking. Ability to establish and maintain effective communications and working relationships with child, parents/guardians, staff and general public.


  • Plan, organize and coordinate the care of preschool age children by providing various activities and events at a childcare site.
  • Prepare daily and monthly program plans and assign activities and events to staff members.
  • Maintain staff and participant files in accordance with departmental, licensing (Title 22) requirements.
  • Prepare monthly site newsletter outlining activities and events.
  • Inspect the site and equipment to ensure proper maintenance, cleanliness, operation, and safety.
  • Observe children on a daily basis to detect health problems. Instruct children in proper health and hygiene care.
  • Coordinate and participate in cleaning and maintaining the facility and equipment.
  • Attend various school functions and meetings, in-service training programs and staff meetings.
  • Conduct site staff meetings.
  • Monitor and order site supplies.
  • Prepare forms, records, and reports necessary to site management.
  • Supervise, train, and evaluate preschool staff.
  • Participate in Parks and Recreation department meetings, events, activities, and projects.

Qualifications & Skills:

  • Certifications:
    Red Cross Infant/Child CPR and Red Cross First Aid certifications must be completed within six months of employment.
  • Licenses:
    Employee will hold a valid Class C California driver’s license and sign off on DMV driving record release form.
  • Education and Experience:
    Employee will meet qualifications based off of the criteria set forth from the Title 22 Licensing Requirements for Preschool Staff.


The following is a general overview of the benefits provided to City of Belmont full-time benefit eligible employees. For specific benefit information, please refer to the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the City and it’s labor groups.

The City contracts with the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) to provide retirement benefits.

The City provides health insurance to eligible employees and dependents via the California Public Employees’ Retirement System(CalPERS) Health Benefit Program. The CalPERS program provides employees with several Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) options.

The City provides each eligible employee who participates in a City sponsored CalPERS Health Plan with an employer contribution towards the monthly health insurance premium.

The City provides dental insurance for employees and their eligible dependents.

The City provides vision insurance for eligible employees and their dependents via the Vision Service Plan (VSP) or a vision benefit for eligible employees and their dependents via the City’s reimbursement program (varies by MOU).

Flexible Benefits Plan
The City offers an Internal Revenue Code Section 125 Plan, which allows employees to contribute pre-tax income to the following accounts:

Health Care Reimbursement Account (up to $2,500 annually)
Dependent Care Reimbursement Account (up to $5,000 annually)

Life Insurance
The City provides basic group term life insurance, the specific benefit amount varies by labor group. Employees have the option of electing voluntary additional and dependent life at their expense.

Long-Term Disability Benefits
The City reclassifies the cost of the long term disability insurance to the employee’s salary. The employee then pays the actual monthly cost of the premium on an after-tax basis.

Deferred Compensation
Employees have the option of participating in the City sponsored deferred compensation account. Some classifications receive an employer contribution per their respective MOU.

Retirement Health Savings (RHS) Account
The City contributes a specified amount to a Retirement Health Savings Account based upon an employee’s hire date and years of service with the City. For example, an employee working for the City for 1 to 5 years would be eligible for a monthly contribution of $150.00. An employee working for the City for 11 to 15 years would be eligible for a monthly contribution of $250.00. Employees are vested in the Retiree Health Savings Account after 10 years of continuous service with the City.


Vacation is accrued on a monthly basis based on years of service.

The City observes twelve (12) holidays per year. In addition employees are granted two (2) floating holidays to be taken after 1 year of service.

Paid Sick Leave
Sick leave is earned at the rate of eight (8) hours per calendar month of service (with the exception of Unrepresented Management Group employees).

Important Recruitment Dates:

First round interviews the week of October 30th.
2nd Round Department interviews the week of November 6th.
Recruitment Contact email: abell@belmont.gov

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