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Addressing the ECE Workforce Crisis: Good Jobs Challenge Webinar

Sep 19, 2023    |   Upcoming Webinars

We have seen the headlines and have experienced firsthand that the early childhood teacher workforce shortage is real and troubling. This shortage is often attributed to multiple challenges: poor compensation, subpar working conditions, and suboptimal occupational status relative to other educators and professions. 

What would ideal ECE employment look like? What would it take to make every ECE job a GOOD job? 

Join this webinar, hosted by Community Advocates for Young Learners (CAYL), to discuss the ECE Good Jobs Challenge with the following panel of distinguished leaders: 

  • Marcy Whitebook, Ph.D., Director Emerita at UC Berkeley’s Center for the Study of Child Care Employment 
  • Berkeley Shawntel Green, Senior Instructor at the Early Education Career Institute
  • Chad Dunkley, CEO of New Horizon Academy 

If you’re unable to attend this event at its scheduled time, everyone who registers will receive a recording of the live session in a follow up email. 

Find more information and register here.

Date & Time

Thursday, October 5, 1 PM PT

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