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Build Up California July Meeting: ECE & Climate Resilient Infrastructure

Jul 09, 2024    |   Upcoming Webinars

Children are especially vulnerable to extreme heat and other climate change effects, but the way that our communities are designed can play a role in mitigating these conditions.

Join Build Up California for its next virtual network meeting with East Palo Alto-based nonprofit Climate Resilient Communities and Angelica Sorto, a child care provider who has made climate modifications to her facility, to learn about the ways climate change impacts our built environment and how homes and child care facilities can be modified to be more resilient to our changing environment.

Participants will join in a conversation about the following topics: 

  • How does climate change impact our physical spaces?
  • What can child care providers learn from making homes more resilient?
  • How can child care facilities address the effects of climate change?

Learn more and sign up here for this event, which will take place via Zoom.

Date & Time

Thursday, July 18, 1 PM PT

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