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Choose Children Continues to Elevate Children’s Issues

Nov 06, 2018    |   California ECE News Updates

Early childhood care and education has been a much-discussed issue among California’s gubernatorial candidates. This newfound visibility for birth-five investment and quality is due in large part to the persistent work of Choose Children 2018, a statewide campaign committed to ensuring that California’s next governor is a champion for young children. The initiative, led by the Silicon Valley Community Foundation’s Center for Early Learning, is a partnership with community, business, philanthropic and educational leaders throughout California.

Now that the votes have been counted, Choose Children 2018 will continue to deliver its message to California’s governor and lawmakers– that a strong California depends upon a strong start for California’s children. Pete Weldy, Public Policy Officer at Choose Children notes, “We’re thrilled by the unprecedented opportunities presented by this new administration. We’re looking forward to working with Governor-elect Newsom and his Transition Team. Together, we can ensure the momentum for California’s children continues through the Inauguration, first state budget, and beyond. The coming months will be a time to collectively speak up for children and support, or hold accountable, this new Governor.”

Please visit the Choose Children website to learn more and sign up to support action on behalf of California’s youngest children.

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