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CA’s Early Start Program is Now Accepting Infant/Toddler Referrals

Early Intervention is critical for children to achieve the best possible developmental outcomes. The Early Start program, which provides early intervention for infants and toddlers (and their families) who might exhibit developmental delays or have a risk factor associated with potential disability, has experienced a decline in referrals since the beginning of the pandemic State of Emergency.

You can help increase public awareness of Early Start services by sharing the following resources with the families you work with.

  1. Early Start Healthcare Provider Brochure – An easy-to-read brochure that outlines the screening, referral and intake process.

              Healthcare-Provider-Brochure. What is Early Start: English | Spanish

2. The Early Start Community Flyer – An informative flyer for families who may have a concern about their child’s development.

              Community Resources Infographic: English | Spanish

Early Start also has a variety of additional multilingual brochures, booklets, publications, and other free resources that are available for parents, professionals, and others.

Please note that all 21 regional centers across California remain open and are accepting referrals to the Early Start program, although some regional center staff may be working remotely and not holding face-to-face meetings in their offices. Early Start will continue working to find new ways to support our consumers, families, providers, staff and communities.

If an infant or toddler has, or is suspected of having, a delay or disability, please contact the local regional center about possible Early Start services or call 1-800 515-BABY, (1-800-515-2229). Anyone can make a referral. 

For more information, visit the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) website.

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