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Timely Topics: Children’s Books on Firefighters, Fire Trucks & Fire Safety

Aug 27, 2020    |   Children’s Books

The past week, fires have blazed throughout the state of California, causing smoky skies and gloomy weather. Fires can be scary and confusing for children who might have questions or fears about what is going to happen. To ease children’s uncertainties, we can introduce conversations about fires, fire safety, and the important role that firefighters play to keep us and our communities safe.

These conversations can be introduced with children’s books that discuss this topic in a way that is developmentally appropriate for little ones. In this article, we are sharing several popular books that offer enjoyment and learning for young children. Many children are naturally fascinated by firefighters and firetrucks, making these books great resources to keep in your classroom library all the time!

Board Books for Infants & Toddlers

Touch & Feel Fire Engine

This book is a great way to introduce firefighters to young children, with real photos, sensory exploration, and simple text. Infants and toddlers will enjoy feeling different items and a variety of textures, from the chrome bumper to the truck’s tires and firefighter uniform.

Firefighter Frank

Written by favorite children’s book author and illustrator, Monica Wellington, this story introduces a day in the life of a firefighter. The illustrations and interesting vocabulary are perfect for introducing new concepts to young readers in an informative, and engaging way.

This Is the Firefighter

Written by Laura Godwin and Julian Hector, this text shows the work of a team of firefighters as soon as they hear the bell. The book includes interesting illustrations of firefighters and firetrucks with  short, rhyming text that is perfect for young children.


Fire Truck Dreams

Written by Sharon Chriscoe and illustrated by Dave Mottram, this fictional story about a fire truck includes simple, rhyming text and colorful illustrations. After a long day of  putting out fires, a fire truck gets ready for bed and dreams about helping to tame a campfire.

Firefighters A to Z

This book, written by volunteer firefighter, Chris L. Demarest, is an alphabet book that teaches about fire safety and the danger firefighters face every time the alarm sounds. The book includes realistic illustrations and uses the alphabet to share interesting information about firefighters, including their gear, tools, and strategies they use. The end of the book includes more detailed descriptions of some of the less familiar terms that are described in the book, making this book particularly informative.

My Mom Is a Firefighter

The story, written by Lois G. Grambling and illustrated by Jane Manning, includes illustrations that are colorful and engaging, while accurately depicting a day in the life of a firefighter. The story highlights some of the sacrifices that firefighters make in being away from their families to protect their communities.

Tito, the Firefighter

Written by NY firefighter, Tim Hoppey, this book tells the story of a young boy who helps a fire station answer a call for help from a Spanish speaker. The boy gets to ride the firetruck and learn about the important work of firefighters. The story is written in English with Spanish words included throughout.

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