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Online Course for Educators: Meaningful Conversations with Young Children

When you connect with children through meaningful conversations, you impact their oral language and cognitive development. In this course, presented by Cox Campus, you’ll be introduced to the TALK Strategy as a way to engage children in powerful, brain-building interactions. Click here to learn more.

About this Course

The session is 100% free, takes about 1.5 hours to complete and provides a certificate of training.

The course is recommended for…

  • Teachers who work with children in preschool and pre-k

  • Families of children ages 3-5

  • People who want to learn best practices to build children’s language development

  • Childcare program and site directors

You’ll Learn…

  • How to incorporate complex vocabulary in conversations in a meaningful way

  • How to connect with children and invite them into conversation

  • How to adapt the TALK Strategy to each child’s unique needs

It Matters Because…

  • Children’s brains develop through the interactions they have with adults

  • Oral language is the foundation for literacy and all learning

  • You’ll contribute significantly to children’s success in school and life

How do Cox Campus Courses Work?

Learn at Your Own Pace: You don’t have to finish the course all in one sitting. In fact, we recommend you take this course a little bit at a time, incorporating what you’ve learned in the classroom.

Free Guided Resources: As you go through a course, we’ll introduce you to free resources that will help you implement what you’re learning.

Never Learn Alone: Have a question on what you’re learning in the course or how to use a resource? Reach out to the Cox Campus community for advice or to lend a helping hand to others.

Get Started

Click here to find all the information needed to get started with this free course.

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