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Virtual Event: Building Asian Allyship in Early Learning Programs

Apr 01, 2021    |   Celebrating DiversityWebinar Recordings

Increased awareness of racism has elicited responses to reflect and respond in varying ways. These reflections and responses have followed the visibility of lynchings across the country. While these lynchings have been occurring for hundreds of years, the current pandemic of COVID-19 that led to increased engagement of news and media, brought to light many instances of racial injustice.

This past year has been described as the beginning of another racial reckoning. The disproportionate number of racial injustices that BIPOC people have endured has appropriately centered much of the learning initiatives around BIPOC experiences. Recently however, anti-Asian nativist racism has increased, leading to more hostility, violence, and hate crimes against Asian ethnics who resemble Chinese Americans. Among the broader anti-Racism advocacy movements, broad bases of POC are coming together to bring awareness and advocate in support of Asian ethnics. Join this webinar to learn about the diversity of the Asian-American experience, the specifics of the racism that Asian ethnics experience, and how you can support anti-Racism efforts in early learning.

Learning Goals:

  • Learn the diversity of Asian-American experiences;

  • Learn the specifics of anti-Asian racism, especially that rooted in “foreigner virus” stereotypes

  • Learn the recent policy context and how this has influenced anti-Asian racism

  • Learn how you can join in Asian allyship through your role in early learning

If you can’t participate at the appointed time, the webinar will be recorded. To view the recording, simply register now and you will receive an email with a link to the recording when it is ready to be viewed. You can still download the certificate by watching the recording to the end when the certificate link is announced and displayed on the screen.

This event has passed. Click here to watch a recording of the webinar.

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