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Early Learning Investigations Webinar: Nature-based Learning Environments

Nature-based learning is growing in popularity, particularly in the time of COVID. Yet, many educators find themselves looking for strategies to integrate nature into the preschool curriculum in meaningful and intentional ways. One area of program development that is foundational for children’s play and teacher-child interactions is the physical environment.

This webinar, presented by author and nature-based learning expert, Rachel Larimore and hosted by Early Childhood Investigations Webinars, will help early childhood administrators identify the principle fundamentals of a nature-based approach. Then, using a continuum of nature-based early childhood education as the overarching framework, Rachel will address the unique considerations for designing a nature-based classroom. This event will discuss spaces inside, outside, and beyond the fence.

In this session, participants will learn about specific strategies related to…

  • Preparing the indoor classroom

  • Shifting the outdoor classroom to a more natural play area

  • Utilizing spaces beyond the fence of the play area

  • Considerations for supporting spaces (e.g., extra gear storage)

  • Adhering to licensing regulations while implementing a nature-based approach

After this event, participants will be able to…

  • Describe the core principles of a nature-based early childhood approach

  • List at least two important components of the indoor environment for nature-based learning

  • Describe at least two important components of the outdoor environment for nature-based learning

Event Recording

This event has passed, but you can find the webinar recording here.

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