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Feelings Thermometer: Free Multilingual Resource for Educators & Families

The Feelings Thermometer, from Wisconsin Office of Children’s Mental Health, is a visual tool that can help everyone (kids and adults) identify and measure the intensity of their emotions, as well as the steps that can be taken to shift moods when things are getting tough.

Like a temperature thermometer, the Feelings Thermometer measures emotional temperature. It starts at blue – the calm zone and goes to red – the furious zone. Throughout the zones, it lists activities that can be used to help us feel less angry, frustrated, anxious, and sad. Research shows that just identifying a calming activity can reduce anxiety…Being aware of your feelings is the first step!

This tool can be posted in your classroom or program to guide conversations with children about emotions, and to serve as a helpful reminder for grown-ups!

Using the Feelings Thermometer

Measure feelings…

  • Share the thermometer to check in on how students are feeling — this exercise might be particularly helpful during morning meetings or during another time when children can check in with each other as a group

  • Use it to guide conversation or 1 on 1 check in’s with students

Ask students questions like…

  • Are you happy (blue)? Are you worried (green)?

  • Is there someone you can talk to about your feelings?

  • How are you feeling right now? Are you sad? Let’s try an activity that might help you feel better!

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