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“Little Neighbors,” Resources for Community-Building from Sesame Street

We all want children to grow up to be responsible members of society and to think and act with concern, respect, and kindness for others. Young children, no matter how small, can make important contributions through their early relationships.

Little Neighbors: Building a Better World Together is a new initiative from Sesame Workshop, along with the PSEG Foundation, to help nurture children’s early understanding of community. Click here to watch a brief video that introduces the project.

The Little Neighbors project encourages children to:

  • Begin to see themselves as active participants in their communities and feel inspired to volunteer

  • Learn to understand, empathize with, and appreciate others

  • Expand this appreciation to the larger world, developing awareness of environmental responsibility

Click here to visit the Sesame Street website to find the list of Little Neighbors resources, including videos, printables, virtual storybooks, and activity ideas to help you support the children you care for to become community-builders for a better world. Many resources are available in English and in Spanish. Together we can help children and communities grow smarter, stronger, and kinder!

Sesame Street hosted a kick-off event with a FB live video. Click here to watch the recording.

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