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3 Ways to Celebrate Native American Heritage Month in ECE Programs

Oct 24, 2023    |   Celebrating DiversityFall

Next week starts the beginning of Native American Heritage Month, which is celebrated each year during the month of November. This celebration creates a dedicated time to celebrate and learn about the history and culture of Native Americans, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians. Check out the ideas and resources below to learn and explore alongside the children in your care. 

1. Learn about Native American tribes in your local area.

Native Land Digital, an Indigenous-led nonprofit based in Canada, shares a searchable map of Native territories, languages and treaties. Simply click on labels across the Americas (and other parts of the globe) or type a specific city, state or zip code into the search box to see which Indigenous tribes lived where. Clicking on the name of each nation brings up links for related reading. 

2. Enjoy children’s books written by Native American authors.

One of the best ways to learn about Native American culture is to read stories written by Indigenous authors that highlight their culture and heritage. Check out the book lists below to find some to share with young children.

3. Enjoy Native American music.

Sharing recordings of traditional Native American songs, is a wonderful way to introduce young learners to Native American culture. A great place to start is the Smithsonian’s Native American Music Archive, which includes videos of Indigenous people performing traditional and contemporary songs. 

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