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A Classroom Favorite: Sandra Boynton

Nov 21, 2019    |   Children’s Books

Many educators are familiar with the work of Sandra Boynton. Her board books are a favorite in many classrooms, especially for toddlers. The fun characters, simple illustrations, and sing-song rhymes quickly capture the attention of young readers. The stories are short and sweet, just long enough for young children to stay engaged.

Boynton was recently featured in an article in The Atlantic, in which she discussed some of the work behind her books. The article highlighted Boynton’s popularity, noting that she has published more than 60 stories, “including the perennial best sellers Pajama Time!; Moo, Baa, La La La!; Barnyard Dance!; and The Going to Bed Book….Two more titles joined her menagerie this year, Dinosnores and Silly Lullaby.”

The article notes, “like Fred Rogers, Boynton treats children, even very young ones, with deep respect.” Her stories allow for children and adults to read and enjoy together, and she recognizes the importance of learning and language development while children enjoy her books. She questions, “All language is new to a kid. Why not invite them into a vocabulary that’s special from the beginning?”

Boynton Classics

To find a complete list of available stories and purchase Sandra Boynton’s books, click here. A few of our top favorites for young children are shared below.

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