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A Diary of Homeschooling During the Pandemic, from the Early Learning Lab

Mar 26, 2020    |   COVID-19 Resources & Information

While the COVID-19 epidemic is creating several new challenges and difficulties each day, the crisis is also providing an opportunity to further deepen our empathy for families. Parents are juggling working from home with child care and homeschooling. Under the weight of this anxiety, it can feel overwhelming to even think about ensuring high-quality early learning opportunities for children.

So how does this change the way we work with families and how much can we expect them to do? These questions are explored in a special piece that was recently shared by the Early Learning Lab: Homeschooling During the Coronavirus Epidemic: A Diary.

Sarah Flores, the Early Learning Lab’s Director of Communications, describes her struggle to work from home while caring for her 2 year old and Chris Sciarrino, Director of Early Childhood Practice and Innovation, offers practical and humane advice to families who are juggling their new roles working from home full time while also caring for their young children. They both incorporate content from the Priority Practices, a simple framework that is being developed by Early Learning Lab to guide high-quality adult-child interactions.

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