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A Resource for the Families You Serve from Common Sense Media

Feb 20, 2020    |   Family Resource Printables

Parents want to know best practices for screen time, including setting limits, age-appropriate content, online safety, movie & TV reviews, apps for learning, and digital citizenship. To help support families, Common Sense Media recently created Tech Balance to give them the information they need.

Tech Balance is a new, free, bilingual text messaging service for families with children ranging in ages from three to eight-years-old. The program delivers advice, resources, and tips. The program is designed for parents, and also includes an option for educators to receive tips for their students.

For more information, please visit this page or check out this short video that introduces Tech Balance, including instructions for signing up. You can also download the flyers shown below (available in English and in Spanish) to print and share with parents in your program.

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