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AB 378 Proposes Collective Bargaining Rights for ECE

Apr 11, 2019    |   National ECE News Updates

The California legislature is holding hearings on Assembly Bill 378, which would allow early childhood workers to join a union and participate in collective bargaining. This article from Cal Matters, does a good job of explaining the potential pros and cons that might result from passage of AB 378.

There is broad support for more funding for subsidized child care in California, including increases to child care provider salaries. The AB 378 debate is largely about whether unionization is the best vehicle for accomplishing these goals.  There is also the question of how collective bargaining would work between small businesses (child care providers) and the state, and whether collective bargaining would apply to both licensed and license-exempt providers.

The California Assembly Blue Ribbon Commission on Early Childhood Education recommended in the draft summary report it issued on March 11th that the state support collective bargaining rights for at-home child care workers. Click here for more information about Blue Ribbon Commission recommendations.

To read a legislative analysis of AB 378, click here.

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