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Activities and Virtual Recreation in San Mateo County Cities

As cities are faced with closed facilities and cancelled programs, many have turned to sharing resources virtually to help families stay connected and creative while they are at home. The websites share family fitness activities, arts and crafts, story time, and even “virtual trips” through which families can visit the zoo or aquarium via live stream. Check out the list below to browse through various sites from San Mateo County cities.

Daly City’s Virtual Recreation Center

The Daly City Parks department wants the community to continue  to grow, learn, play and have fun, even while programs are shut down. They are sharing a variety of resources to enjoy, including meditation and mindfulness classes, free virtual tours of national parks, and arts and crafts ideas.

City of Burlingame Virtual Parks & Recreation

Burlingame’s Parks and Recreation department is sharing activities for adults and kids to stay active indoors, ideas for safe ways to enjoy the outdoors, and ebooks from the library to keep your brain occupied. These resources are available in English and in Spanish.

Foster City’s Virtual Recreation Center

Foster City’s Virtual Recreation and Resource Center includes resources to keep families engaged, active, and informed. They offer  several free virtual classes, including art, fitness, and brain games. The department also organized a Virtual Egg Hunt from April 6-12. Learn more about how to participate here.

City of Menlo Park Virtual Recreation

Menlo Park is bringing recreation to your home through a collection of free, online activities and resources curated by staff, including:  activities for preschoolers, health and wellness resources for adults, and arts and culture resources. They also share information about free, online parenting support chats that might be interesting to you, or to share with families that you serve.

Redwood City’s Virtual Parks and Recreation

Redwood City’s Parks and Recreation department is sharing online learning experiences, including art and cooking classes. They also offer online enrichment programs, such as foreign language and baby sign language.

City of San Mateo Virtual Recreation

Visit the city of San Mateo’s website for virtual recreation, family activities, and Springtime fun!

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