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Child Care Relief Included in the CARES Act from First Five Year Fund

First Five Years Fund, a nonprofit organization that works to expand federal support for early learning and child care, has put together an overview of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

The overview was shared with an article that underscores quality child care as an essential pillar of America’s labor market and economy, allowing millions of parents to go to work or attend school each day, in addition to the benefits to a child’s learning and development.

The Coronavirus crisis has hit the child care industry especially hard, causing widespread layoffs as a result of drops in enrollment and mandatory closures. Extended closures could put a substantial percentage of childcare providers out of business permanently, exacerbating the severity of child care deserts. At the same time, many child care facilities are being asked to remain open, operating on only a fraction of their income, in order to provide care in this time of incredible need and uncertainty.

Click here to visit FFYF’s website to read the article and overview of the CARES Act.

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