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Are you Taking College Level ECE Courses? 

Mar 13, 2020    |   COVID-19 Resources & Information

In response to the Coronavirus, many students are experiencing a switch from in-person to online classes. Taking classes and completing assignments online might be a new experience for many students. This week we are sharing some resources and tips to help you prepare to learn in a virtual environment. Next week we will update you with more detailed information about online learning arrangements from local colleges.

Tools Your School Might Be Using


Many students are already familiar with Canvas, and are likely using it for their classes. If you are unfamiliar with this tool, check out Foothill College’s Canvas Online Orientation. Additional helpful resources include Canvas login instructions and information about how to access a course.


Many schools will also be using ConferZoom for virtual lectures. If you have never used ConferZoom before, it might be helpful to watch this youtube video that walks students through how to join a ConferZoom from Canvas. For more information, you can also visit the ConferZoom website, which includes user guides and support. Be sure to check with your campus and instructors to see if ConferZoom will be used in your courses.

Tips for Success

Good2Know team member, Natalie, is taking online ECE courses and has found the following tips to be helpful in her schooling. If you have any questions, feel free to send her an email at natalie@good2knownetwork.org.

  1. Make a study corner. If you have a desk or a kitchen table available for your use, it can be helpful to set up a mini classroom.

  2. Eliminate distractions by putting your phone on “do not disturb” and avoiding time wasters such as social media.

  3. Practice time management with a weekly schedule. Creating a schedule that you follow with designated hours for reading, watching lectures, studying, and completing tasks will ensure that you do not fall behind or leave assignments until the last minute.

  4. Reach out when you need help. Your professors should be readily available to connect via email, virtual meeting, or phone call. If you are struggling with your online learning, be sure to reach out and ask for extra help.

  5. Set goals for each day. Look at your calendar and think about what goals you can accomplish each day. Maybe it is reading a chapter of your textbook, or finishing an outline of a paper; whatever it is, these goals will help you stay accountable and on top of your work.

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