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Building a Connected Community: Free Online Course from Sesame Street

Aug 29, 2023    |   Family EngagementWebinar Recordings

Sesame Street in Communities is offering a free, online course, designed to support providers in building communities that prepare little ones and their families to get ready for school and life — together. 

The course is available on-demand and includes strategies and resources that affirm and extend children’s sense of self, school, and society across learning spaces and among the people they share them with.  

Learning Goals of the Course: 

  • Support providers in co-creating a more inclusive, welcoming, and fair classroom community for all children, parents, and families.   
  • Explore the brain science behind children’s developmental understanding of themselves, their relationships, and community.  
  • Celebrate and reinforce the ways providers are already building a caring community by empowering children and their families.    

This course is available to take for free, but please note that it does require an email address to sign up and begin. 

Access the course here.  

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