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New CA Legislature for School Districts and State-subsidized Child Care

This week, California’s Legislature has been pursuing emergency legislation to respond rapidly to the COVID-19 crisis. On March 16th, Governor Newsom provided them with the requisite declaration, enabling them to act on a bill in spite of it not being in print for at least 72 hours. The Legislature amended AB 117 with new language in order to provide relief and assurance for school districts across a host of issues impacted by the current COVID-19 situation:

“To ensure continuity of payments to state-subsidized child care and development programs, the attendance and reporting requirements imposed on childcare and development programs are waived for programs that comply with an Executive Order, subject to guidance from the Superintendent of Public Instruction pursuant to this section. Pursuant to guidance and direction from the Superintendent, childcare and development programs shall be reimbursed using the most recent certified record or invoice available.”

The provision cross-references the following programs in California:
8221.5: Monthly attendance records for AP providers
8230: Migrant Child Care
8235: State Preschool Program
8240: General Child Care
8245: Family Child Care Home Networks
8250: Child Care for Children with Disabilities
8351: CalWORKS, Stage
18353: CalWORKS, Stage 2
8354: CalWORKS, Stage 3

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