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Childhoods: a New Podcast with Chris Bennett of Wonderschool

Sep 29, 2022    |   Books, Videos & Podcasts

Chris Bennett, CEO and founder of the early learning company Wonderschool, is hosting a new podcast in which he reflects with guest speakers about the importance of childhood and early experiences. 

In the series, guests share pivotal childhood moments that shaped their life paths through a discussion of the early relationships, experiences, and learnings in their early years that have influenced them as adults. The podcast seeks to answer some big questions about early experiences, including: What did childhood teach them? How do they use their inner child to spark innovation? 

Some of the show’s guests include…

  • Dan Wuori, father, former teacher, and Senior Director of Early Learning at the Hunt Institute

  • Michael Nutter, Mayor of Philadelphia, founder of education initiative Running Start, senior advisor for Wonderschool, and advocate for high-quality learning from birth to age five

If you are interested in listening to the podcast, you can stream and listen to each episode for free at this link.

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