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Children’s Books for Conversation and Support during Tough Times

As COVID-19 continues to take over the news and our daily lives, many children have questions and concerns about what has been happening. Talking about scary events might seem daunting, as we worry about saying the wrong thing or instilling more fear in children.

To help start the conversation, we are sharing a few books to discuss worries and concerns and also a few mindfulness books to help children learn to cope with their emotions. These books can be shared with families or read in a small group with children if you are still providing care.

For Conversations About COVID-19

Fighting the Big Virus: Trinka, Sam, and Littletown Work Together

This  story was specifically developed to help young children and families talk about their experiences and feelings related to COVID-19. In the story, the coronavirus has spread to Littletown causing changes in everyone’s lives. This story is available to download for free in English and in Spanish.

Holdin Pott 

Written by Chandra Ippen and illustrated by Erich Ippen, this book introduces big feelings in a very special, child-friendly way. A little pot has a hard time keeping in his stories and feelings as the heat builds up inside. This story creates an opportunity to introduce difficult conversations about big feelings and tough situations.

Books to Help Children Talk about Feelings and Managing Stress

Breathe with Me: Using Breath to Feel Strong, Calm, and Happy

Written by Mariam Gates and illustrated by Sarah Jane Hinder, this book is a great way to introduce foundational concepts of mindfulness and intentional breathing. The techniques shared in this book can be practiced by children (and adults too) during times of uncertainty and fear.

The Don’t Worry Book

This book, written by popular children’s author, Todd Parr, is a colorful, cheerful story that offers solutions and comfort to children who are feeling overwhelmed.


Alphabreaths: The ABCs of Mindful Breathing

Written by Christopher Willard and Daniel Rechtschaffen, with illustrations by Holly Clifton-Brown, this book explores the alphabet while introducing mindful breathing exercises that are especially beneficial for children who are feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

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