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Children’s Books: The Foods We Eat

Feb 28, 2019    |   Children’s BooksHealthy Snacks & Recipes

Children have a curiosity about the world around them. They wonder about how things came to be, and where things come from. This curiosity often expands to their own plates during mealtimes! Children will ask questions about where their food comes from and will be curious to learn about its history.

Books are a great way for children to explore the history and story of their foods. Stories about healthy foods also offer an opportunity to talk to children about healthy eating and nutrition.

While there are many fantastic books about the foods we eat, we’ve listed a few of our favorites below:

Eating the Alphabet by Lois Ehlert

A classic and popular book, this story introduces the alphabet, through various fruits and vegetables from around the world. Preschoolers will love this story as a way to practice their letters and learn about fun new foods!

A fun story about the various types of vegetables, this book investigates the journey from the garden to the store. Children in preschool and pre-k will enjoy this story’s look at the wide variety of vegetables and how they make their way to our plates!

This book explores how some of the most popular foods are produced. The story investigates planting, harvesting, mixing, and making some of our favorite treats, while sharing health tips and looking at the basic food groups.

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