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Co-Regulation as the Path to Self-Regulation: Event with Early Learning Investigations Webinars

Long before the pandemic, there was a dramatic rise in children’s stress, anxiety, and dysregulated behavior. The pandemic exacerbated the situation so much so that leading health organizations declared a national state of emergency on children’s mental health. The role of the educator is critical in supporting children’s development of stress management and emotional regulation skills, not only to manage big feelings but also to better regulate behavior and learning. 

This webinar, hosted by Early Learning Investigations Webinars, will focus on the role of educators and caregivers as key socializers in children’s development of self-regulation and the impact of co-regulation in the classroom. 

During this event, participants will learn how to provide children, and themselves, with self-care skills, through the process known as “co-regulation.” Participants will learn how to develop positive, supportive, and responsive relationships to help children develop self-regulation. Child psychologist and early education expert, Dr. Housman, and early childhood educator Emily Stone will guide participants to…  

  • Understand the foundational need for positive responsive relationships in the early years

  • Explore the role co-regulation plays in the development of self-regulation

  • Understand what co-regulation is and how it can be practiced each day

  • Help children take ownership of their ability to self-regulate their emotions and develop self-control and empathy

  • Learn how we can use those “meltdown moments” to lay the critical foundation for emotional intelligence

  • Understand the impact self-regulation has on learning, behavior, and empathy.

This event has passed, but you can watch a recording.

Click here to watch a recording of the webinar.

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