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Culture & Challenging Behavior: Event with Early Learning Investigations

Sep 08, 2022    |   Challenging BehaviorWebinar Recordings

Like the children in our care, every teacher is different. We come from different contexts and cultures, and everything we think, say, and do is processed through the filter of our own culture. Culture influences our values, beliefs, gender roles, family structures, language, and even our teaching styles. 

Join this virtual event, hosted by Early Learning Investigations and social-emotional development and learning expert, Barbara Kaiser, to explore the dynamics of culture in shaping teachers’ expectations and children’s behavior

This webinar will help participants to… 

  • Become aware of how culture shapes our identity and provides us with ground rules for interpreting and acting in the world. 

  • Understand how even unconscious attitudes guide our expectations, interactions with children, and the way that we appreciate their skills, abilities, and behavior.

  • Explore the importance of cross-cultural competence.

This webinar has passed. Click here to watch a recording of the event.

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