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Early Learning Webinar: Identifying & Supporting Anxiety in Young Children

Sep 19, 2023    |   Webinar Recordings

Because anxiety rates are climbing among young children, ECE teachers need explicit guidance on how to understand and support these challenges. 

This event, hosted by Early Learning Investigations Webinars, and presented by author and child care advocate, Dr. Sarah Vanover, will prepare participants to recognize anxiety in children ages 3–8, including symptoms, causes, and triggers. Sarah will share insights from her book, Addressing Anxiety in Young Learners: A Teacher’s Guide to Recognizing Needs and Resolving Behaviors, that will help participants support children who are suffering from anxiety. 

Participants of this webinar will learn to…

  • Identify seven types of childhood anxiety
  • Recognize comorbidities —including ADHD, autism, and depression—and how they may affect a child’s symptoms
  • Utilize effective classroom interventions to meet the needs of children with anxiety and create a nurturing learning environment
  • Learn which strategies to avoid

This event has passed. View a recording of the webinar here.

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