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Webinar: Why Young Children Act Unkind & How to Help

When children boss other kids around, say hurtful things, exclude peers, and act in other unkind ways, they are not acting mean on purpose. Often these kids are struggling with difficult feelings of insecurity/self-doubt and anxiety – complex emotions that are uncomfortable and hard to make sense of and cope with. 

In this webinar, presented by developmental psychologist, Claire Learner, participants will explore the roots of relational aggression and how to address the underlying issues. Effective strategies for intervening in incidents of relational aggression will also be addressed. Join this webinar to…

  • gain insight into the root cause of kids acting mean (and why simply teaching lessons about kindness is not enough)

  • learn strategies for helping children reflect on and change their behavior

  • learn strategies for intervening effectively in incidents of relational aggression

This event has passed, but you can still watch a recording of this webinar.

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