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ECE Voices: A New Resource & Opportunity for California ECE Providers

Aug 30, 2023    |   California ECE News Updates

EveryChild California is pleased to introduce ECE Voices:The Educator’s Advocacy Network, a statewide platform that has been thoughtfully developed to amplify the voices of early childhood educators on critical workforce matters that can be improved through California legislative policies and budget allocations.

ECE Voices provides peer-led mentorship to early childhood care & learning providers, as well as opportunities to collaborate with regional networks to engage directly with policymakers and legislators at the local and state levels. The ECE Voices Network was created with intention, keeping in mind that everyone, at all comfort levels, deserves an opportunity to participate. Engagement opportunities range from emailing a support letter to attending and testifying at hearings, and much more.  Early childhood practitioner stories and perspectives influence policies– legislators want to hear directly from you! ECE Voices will cover costs associated with participation in meetings and events.

You can join ECE Voices here. By joining ECE Voices, you’ll have the opportunity to have your voice heard locally and statewide, to share your experiences with peers and policymakers, and to influence decisions that impact your profession. It’s a chance to be part of a community advocating for lasting positive changes for early childhood care & education. You’ll be part of a region and will be supported by a Lead Advocate, who will connect and acquaint you with the diverse art of advocating for the ECE sector.  

EveryChild California invites you to learn more by attending an informational ECE Voices Welcome Webinar, on September 5th from 1 pm to 2 pm. You can register for the webinar here.

EveryChild California is grateful to the Practitioners’ Voice CA Fund, a fund of Tides Foundation, for its generous support of ECE Voices.

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