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ECE Webinar: Strategies for De-escalating Children’s Challenging Behaviors

Feb 21, 2024    |   Webinar Recordings

We’ve all been there: A child is beginning to melt down or heat up! What do you do next? In the heat of the moment, has your response ever escalated a child’s challenging behavior? Children’s behavior can escalate quickly. Your feelings about that escalation can erupt just as quickly. De-escalation – helping children calm down – takes time and only happens intentionally. 

This webinar presented by child development expert, Barbara Kaiser, will help participants explore the stages of escalation and ways you can respond that will support and help children to be able to return safely to the group.

In this webinar, participants will learn…

  • To identify your feelings when children’s behavior escalates;
  • To plan strategies that will help you to self-regulate and slow your responses to avoid behavior escalation;
  • The importance of knowing how to identify when children feel good about themselves;
  • To understand and identify the stages of behavior escalation;
  • How to respond to each stage and help children to de-escalate.

This event has concluded. View a recording here.

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