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Exploring Tide Pools in San Mateo County

Feb 28, 2020    |   Local News & Resources

If you are looking for a fun way to get some fresh air during your weekend, you might enjoy checking out the tidepools at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in Moss Beach. Here, you will find an abundance of sea life, including anemones, kelp crabs, and sea stars. The reserve visitor center is a helpful resource to learn more about the wildlife you will observe.

For more information about the park, check out this video from San Mateo County’s Parks Department:

When to Go

Many say that winter is the best time of year to visit the tide pools. The season’s low tides create optimal visibility for viewing tidepool wildlife.  You’ll want to arrive in the morning, as the parks can get crowded (especially on holidays and weekend), but no earlier than 8AM.

How to Get There

Although the roads can get busy with traffic, the drive to Fitzgerald Marine Reserve is an easy route! Simply take 92 West towards Half Moon Bay and turn right when you hit Highway 1. From there, you’ll drive 6.5 miles north towards Moss Beach. On the way, you might enjoy stopping for coffee at one of the coffeehouses on Main Street in Half Moon Bay.

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