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Family Math is Everywhere! Free Webinar for ECE Professionals from PBS

May 28, 2024    |   Webinar Recordings

As early learning professionals, we know that an important part of our job is to encourage and support children’s continued learning at home. This 60-minute professional development webinar from PBS helps educators become familiar with and address math anxiety, and to introduce mathematical concepts through everyday experiences. 

This free professional development resource is provided by PBS SoCal’s Family Math program, which delivers trusted tools and bilingual resources that help families with children ages 2-5 uncover the joy of math in everyday experiences. 

Participants who watch this webinar will come away with the following information:

  • The relationship that we as care and learning providers have with mathematics can impact the way that the children in our care will feel about math.
  • Simple finger dexterity games can help children develop a visual and physical representation of numbers.
  • Describing measurement comparisons supports early language skills.
  • Patterns can be spotted in nature and during everyday routines. 

Watch the free webinar on the PBS website.

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