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Federal Inflation Reduction Act Excludes Childcare

Aug 11, 2022    |   National ECE News Updates

This past weekend the U.S. Senate passed a budget reconciliation bill that did not include any  increased funding for childcare and early learning.  

Two years ago, hopes were high among early childhood advocates. President Biden prioritized child care funding in the America Families Plan, and the House of Representatives included significant additions to child care funding in its Build Back Better Act. Months of negotiations in the Senate gradually reduced many of the provisions in the Build Back Better Act, which ultimately became a far more limited bill, called the Inflation Reduction Act. The elimination of child care and early learning is a very disappointing outcome.

Please watch Good2Know Network’s Friday emails for quick-and-easy opportunities to tell your elected officials that quality childcare and early learning is a vital and necessary investment. And, when a local, state or federal candidate for office asks for your vote, make sure to ask them if early childhood care and learning will be a top priority for them once they are in office.

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