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Find Out How to Apply for Licensed Child Care Stabilization Stipends

Sep 23, 2021    |   Local News & Resources

The recent California 2021-22 State Budget Act approved Licensed Child Care Facility Stabilization Stipends for child care centers responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. These one-time “licensed stipends” will be facilitated by the Community Care Licensing Division, Child Care Program to help stabilize existing licensed child care facility operations and to provide support for pandemic-related expenses.

These expenses can include but are not limited to…

  • Staff incentives or bonus pay

  • Increased costs due to cleaning, sanitization, and other COVID-19 related operating expenses

  • Increased costs associated with distance learning

  • Support for decreased enrollment

  • Any other activities necessary to maintain or resume facility operations, including support for fixed costs.

How much are the stipends?

The amount for FCCH providers is $3500 per licensed home. The amount for child care centers (CCC) is based on the maximum facility capacity allowable for children per license as follows:

  • $3,500 = CCC max capacity of 14 children or less.

  • $4,000 = CCC max capacity of between 15 and 24 children.

  • $5,000 = CCC max capacity of between 25 and 60 children.

  • $6,500 = CCC max capacity exceeds 60 children.

How do you sign up?

  1. Read the FAQs here to learn about licensed stipend eligibility, amount, registration process, and the timeline.

  2. If you’re eligible, click here to register to receive your stipend.

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