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Free, Bilingual Professional Development Videos from Circle Time Magazine

Jan 13, 2022    |   Books, Videos & Podcasts

Are you looking for free, easy-to-access professional development resources for you and your teaching teams? Circle Time Magazine is a professional development web series and magazine for early childhood educators, parents, and providers that seeks to make research accessible, friendly, and fun. Circle Time Magazine is a resource from the University of Washington’s ECE research program, Cultivate Learning. 

Circle Time Magazine’s video series features guests who share tips and expertise, try out materials, highlight their favorite books, with video examples. The videos are available in English and in Spanish and cover a variety of topics, from mathematics to positive behavior support.

Some of the videos include…

Click here to view the full video library. 

About Cultivate Learning

Cultivate Learning delivers guidance and expertise in multiple aspects of early learning and expanded learning opportunities. The organization was founded by Gail Joseph, recipient of the Bezos Family Foundation Distinguished Professorship in Early Learning. Cultivate Learning started as a single program of three staff in a small office, with a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Over the years, the organization has partnered with the Office of Head Start, Youth and Families (formerly the Department of Early Learning), Child Care Aware, and others.

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