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Free, Diverse Little Libraries in Menlo Park

Dec 04, 2020    |   Local News & Resources

Did you know that Menlo Park is home to a robust community network of Little Free Libraries? These “take a book, leave a book” free outdoor book exchanges are located in every neighborhood in Menlo Park – no library card required.

This winter, many of Menlo Park’s Little Free Libraries are transforming into Little (Diverse) Free Libraries featuring stories and narratives representing a diversity of backgrounds, identities, and life experience. The Little (Diverse) Free Libraries collections highlight narratives of Black and Indigenous People of Color, classic and modern stories featuring a range of ethnicities, religious and cultural traditions, gender and sexual identities and physical and mental abilities, as well as memoirs and antiracist non-fiction.

The Little (Diverse) Free Library project is sponsored by Menlo Park Library Foundation in partnership with Friends of Menlo Park Library. To find a Little Free Library in your neighborhood, view the Little Free Library map.

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