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Free E-Book: STEM & Creativity in the Outdoor Classroom

May 18, 2023    |   Books, Videos & Podcasts

STEM & Creativity in the Outdoor Classroom is a free E-book, written by art therapist Anna Reyner, that offers simple ideas that combine science, math, and creativity – from sketching pictures of nature, to watering plants together.

The book includes activities for children from toddlerhood to pre-k, and shares helpful tips and information about how educators can set up their classroom spaces to encourage children’s learning and exploration.

Download the free E-book here.

About the Author

Anna Reyner is an art therapist, educator, author, speaker, and the founder of CreativePlay. She has presented at the US Department of Education, The International Art Therapy Association, The National Association of Early Childhood Education, and several state and regional conferences.

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