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Free ECE Webinar: Incorporating Play-responsiveness into Your Teaching

Jul 01, 2023    |   Webinar Recordings

Join Swedish early childhood care and education expert, Suzanne Axelsson, M.A. to explore how play informs educators about each child’s learning and motivation. Suzanne will share concepts from Sweden and other countries to further inspire your teaching practices. 

In this webinar, Suzanne will share The Original Learning Approach, which she created after becoming disenchanted with the common misconceptions that play should be offered as “recess” from learning and teaching. Learn more and register for this free event here

In this webinar participants will… 

  • think deeply about what play is 
  • consider the impact of adult agendas on children’s play
  • recognize how to become a play-responsive educator

This event has passed, but you can still watch a recording of the webinar.

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