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Free Webinar: Equitable Family-Teacher Relationships

Jun 02, 2022    |   Family EngagementWebinar Recordings

There is a great deal of evidence that links the influence of both home and school on children’s learning and wellbeing. A strong connection between teachers and parents helps to ensure that children are able to transition between these two critical contexts of their early development. However, research indicates that families of color, families whose first language is not English, and those living in challenging circumstances report fewer close relationships with their child’s teacher compared to White, monolingual English-speaking, and higher income families. A child’s race, place, class, and language should not be a barrier to home-school partnerships which strengthen children’s learning and wellbeing.

In this virtual event, hosted by Early Learning Investigations Webinars, participants will learn about potential barriers that prevent building home and school relationships, and ideas for strengthening these connections. Join this event to…

  • Understand the importance of the parent-teacher relationship for children’s learning and wellbeing.

  • Examine opportunities to strengthen the home-school connection through parent-teacher relationship

  • Identify how to create spaces and processes to strengthen family engagement and leadership

This event has passed. Click here to find a recording of the webinar.

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