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Free Printable Resource: Regulation Strategies For Young Children

Learning how to self-regulate is an important part of social-emotional learning and early education. When young children become upset, angry, or overwhelmed, it is essential that they learn how to navigate their feelings and calm themselves down.

This free, printable resource from Daniel Educational Services, shares several emotional regulation strategies you can practice with the children in your care to help them learn how to process big emotions. A few of these strategies include…

  • Co-regulated breath: Sit close to the child, match the rate and pattern of their breathing, and then gradually begin to take deeper and slower breaths as the child follows your lead.

  • Playful breath work: Try the following playful activities to help children regulate their breathing:

    • Bubbles — Who can blow the biggest bubble? To blow a large bubble, the child’s breath must be long and slow

    • Blow a long note on a musical instrument

    • Take a Pinwheel Turn – Keep it spinning using a count: Breath 1, 2, 3 blow 4, 5, 6

Find the full, printable resource here.

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