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Free Professional Development Series: Relationships & Healthy Development

Jul 15, 2022    |   Early RelationshipsWebinar Recordings

Cox Campus is launching a year-long professional development series for educators of children from birth through five years old. After several years of disrupted learning, this new school year brings unique challenges to support the children in our care. This professional development experience was created to help educators throughout the 2022-2023 school year, to meet children’s unique needs and support their ongoing learning.

The series includes free, accredited coursework that educators can work through at their own pace, along with live sessions led by Rollins Center for Language and Literacy.

The live workshops will help educators learn how to effectively support children in developing language and foundational reading skills. Find the schedule below:

  • July 19: An Introduction to an Ecosystem Approach: The Nine Elements, The Science behind the Practice, and how to measure Ecosystem Construction

  • August 17: A Safe and Responsive Climate

  • September 15: A Culturally Responsive and Preserving Environment

  • October 19: Consistent Routines, Rituals, and Transitions

  • November 16: Children as Conversational Partners

  • January 18: Integrated Planning and Teaching around an Anchor Book

  • February 15: A Focus on Emergent Literacy

  • March 15: Monitoring Children’s Progress

  • April 19: Supporting Dual Language Learners

  • May 17: Strong Partnerships with Families and Wrap up

Click here to learn more about the program.

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