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Free Webinar from LENA: Understanding Challenging Behavior in ECE

Jul 10, 2024    |   Upcoming Webinars

Educators of young children play a crucial role in shaping positive behavior that carries through a child’s K-12 journey. In early education classrooms, challenging behavior is more than just an issue to be resolved. It often signals deeper issues such as social-emotional struggles, mental health challenges, or adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). 

In this webinar, hosted by LENA, participants will explore the current state of challenging behavior in early learning environments in a post-COVID world. Panelists will also discuss how a focus on educator-child interactions can enhance relationships and support healthy socialization, while managing challenging behaviors and preventing them from occurring. 

Learn more and sign up for this webinar on the LENA website.


  • Jodi Whiteman: Director of Partnerships & Growth, LENA
  • Rob Corso: Executive Director, Pyramid Model Consortium
  • Kelley Corbin: Vice President of Early Childhood Services, Porter-Leath
  • Larissa Fullilove: Social-Emotional Learning Instructional Coach, Porter-Leath
  • Rochelle Lewis: Early Head Start Educator, Porter-Leath

Date & Time 

Wednesday, July 24, 11 AM PT | 1 PM ET

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