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Free Webinar: Inclusive Engineering in ECE Using Universal Design

Jan 30, 2024    |   STEM LearningWebinar Recordings

When supported by adults using Universal Design for Learning (UDL), all young children can engage in “engineering design.” These experiences can support higher-order thinking skills while providing an exciting context for integrated STEM learning. 

This webinar, hosted by Early Learning Investigations, will feature authors Angi Stone-Macdonald, Ph.D , and Amanda Lopes, Ph.D., who will explore, model, and share resources to support STEM development for children 0-5 in inclusive settings. Based on their book, Engaging Young Engineers: Teaching Problem-Solving Skills Through STEM, Second Edition, the presenters will provide guidance to help participants cultivate problem-solving and critical thinking skills through intentional activities and the implementation of universal design for learning (UDL) to meet the needs of all children.

The presentation will explain the engineering practices and problem-solving framework and then teach participants how to implement them in inclusive classrooms using fun, engaging, play-based activities. Participants will leave this session able to…

  • use an emergent engineering problem-solving framework to support STEM inquiry experiences in an inclusive classroom.
  • implement an engineering problem-solving experience in their classroom utilizing UDL strategies to support children with disabilities and emergent bilinguals.
  • design an engineering experience so that children with disabilities can develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills or pre-requisite skills grounded in a children’s book.
  • connect engineering experiences to children’s books that represent a variety of experiences of historically marginalized groups.

Learn more and register for this free, virtual event here

This event has passed. Watch a recording of the webinar here.

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