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Free Webinar: Inclusive, Sensory-Rich Nature Play for Children’s Senses

May 04, 2023    |   Outdoor & Sensory PlayWebinar Recordings

Nature play calms children’s nervous systems, offers beneficial sensory stimulation, and is an eager co-creator in play and learning. The benefits of nature play are increasingly recognized, however there is an essential aspect of nature play that has yet to be fully explored: the multi-sensory value of nature play and how it helps children grow into more complex, balanced, and joyful human beings.

This webinar will provide in-depth insights about children’s seven senses (there are more than five!) and how they influence play, learning, and connection. We’ll cover why children need sensory-rich nature play and learning environments, and how we can tailor the sensory experiences of these environments to the individual needs of children, particularly neurodiverse children. 

In this session participants will…

  • Gain insight into the role sensory-rich nature play has in calming children’s nervous systems, leading to higher quality play, learning, and connecting experiences.

  • Understand children’s seven sensory systems and how kids experience their world through each system.

  • Gather practical knowledge for evaluating the sensory quality of their individual play and learning space, and how to enhance it for all children, including those with neurodiversities.

This event has passed, but you can still watch a recording of the webinar.

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