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Free Webinar: Multicultural Tools & Strategies for Nature-Based ECE Programs

Mar 06, 2024    |   Celebrating DiversityUpcoming Webinars

Operating nature-based programs centered on diverse cultural perspectives can be challenging but necessary to transform our early childhood spaces into inclusive places. 

Join Ashley Brailsford, founder of Unearthing Joy, and Early Learning Investigations for a webinar that will explore multicultural strategies and tools that create culturally-sensitive curricula and programs. 

Ashley will share a multicultural curriculum approach to help participants evaluate their programming and discuss a variety of helpful tools such as multicultural literature, family stories, and the creative arts. The event will end with coaching strategies to support teachers in implementation and reflection along their journey.

Join Ashley to learn how to…

  • Define the levels of a multicultural curriculum approach.
  • Describe various multicultural tools and strategies.
  • Identify coaching strategies to apply to your learning environment.

Interested participants can register for this free event on the Early Learning Investigations website.

Date & Time

Thursday, April 11, 11 AM PT | 2 PM ET

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