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Free Webinar: Trauma-Informed Play to Facilitate Healing in ECE Programs

Play is important for healthy growth and development and is psychologically and physically restorative for children with a history of trauma. This professional development event, presented by child development and trauma specialist, Dr. Barbara Sorrels, will focus on the benefits of play for the healthy development of brains and bodies and will include practical strategies for creating effective play-based classrooms that help children flourish while healing.

Early learning educators and care providers are invited to join this webinar to learn about…

  • Identifying key components of a safe and effective learning/caring environment (including predictable, home-like, safe communication and attention to the child’s internal state).

  • The importance of routine and how to effectively establish classroom procedures that support children’s autonomy.

  • The neurobiological power of play.

  • Essential types of play for trauma-responsive environments and how to introduce play to children.

This webinar has already passed, but you can watch a recording of the event here.

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