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Geometric Shape Books for Infants and Toddlers

Infants and toddlers love to spend time reading books with their caregivers. Reading with infants is an all-in-one activity that develops early literacy skills, engages infant observation and communication skills, and even introduces early math concepts. Books that emphasize shapes and geometric patterns offer particular opportunities for math skill foundation-building. Caregivers can introduce math concepts by pointing to the shapes and patterns, outlining shapes with their fingers, and incorporating patterns, repetition and shapes into the story.

While there are many popular shape books for young learners, we have compiled a list of some of our favorites titles below:

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Color Zoo

By Lois Ehlert

This book uses shapes to create faces of familiar animals at the zoo. Shapes are cut out to allow sensory exploration as children feel each shape. The book’s simplicity and vibrant colors make the story fun and appealing to young learners.

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Squares & Other Shapes: First Concepts With Fine Artists

By Josef Albers

This book uses Josef Albers’ art to teach shapes in this stylish board book. The book’s color and art makes the book visually appealing for both children and adults! Readers will not only learn their shapes, but will also grow familiar with fine art.

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The Shape of My Heart

Written by Mark Sperring, Illustrated by Alys Paterson

This sweet story looks at a variety of colors and shapes. The book is full of bright and playful with shape images and shapes that are arranged in a collage-like format. This story highlights how shapes are all around us and easy to find in everyday, familiar objects.


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My First Book of Patterns

By Bobby George and June George, Illustrated by Boyoun Kim

This book goes one step beyond basic shapes and begins to explore patterns. The book is colorful, with simple and bright illustrations that will be visually interesting and appealing to young learners.

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