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Gov. Newsom Signs SB 234, the “Keeping Kids Close to Home Act”

Oct 04, 2019    |   California ECE News Updates

Under SB 234, large family daycare homes that provide care to up to 14 children will receive the same exemptions under local neighborhood zoning and permitting laws that small family daycare homes now enjoy. Some forward-thinking cities and counties already provide these exemptions, and with SB 234, they’ll be available to large family daycare homes statewide.

SB 234 affirms California’s commitment to fostering home-based childcare in neighborhood settings that can contribute positively to a child’s emotional, cognitive, and educational development.

The new law also directs the California Department of Social Services to inform childcare providers that they can file for protections under the Fair Employment and Housing Act if they are treated unfairly by their landlords. Childcare homeowners currently have the right to seek protection under the Fair Employment and Housing Act, but many are not aware that these protections exist.

State senator Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, who introduced SB 234 noted, “Quality, licensed childcare provided by a nearby neighbor is something every working parent deserves. SB 234 helps ensure that more childcare homes are available to the working families who need it.”

SB 234 won overwhelming bipartisan support in both the state Assembly (77-0) and the Senate (39-0). It will take effect on Jan. 1, 2020.

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