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Janet Lansbury’s No Bad Kids

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No Bad Kids by Janet Lansbury is an especially great read for those who work with toddlers; however, the principles and ideas in this book are practical for educators and caregivers for children of all ages.

Janet Lansbury is known as being a parenting expert, who studied RIE philosophy under the leadership of Magda Gerber. Her educational background, coupled with her 20+ years of teaching and parenting experience, Lansbury understands toddler behaviors.

This book delves into topics such as tantrums, testing boundaries, and punishment to explore how we can respond to children with patience and understanding to to ensure that they feel heard and loved.

This book is a great resource to keep in your classroom or center and to share with parents who seek guidance in their own relationships with their little ones.

Click here to visit Janet Lansbury’s website to learn more about her background and her work.

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